POKELON #1: Charmelon

Fire Type Pokelon

Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Charmelon can be found wandering the studios of the town of Rogan. While they possess the ability to set fire to grass, they never seem to inhale.


POKELON #2: Squirtlelon

Water Type Pokelon

Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

If you were Canadian alt-pop recording artist Grimes, this curious underwater Pokelon might make you absolutely soaking wet.


POKELON #3: Jigglymusk

Fairy Type Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Whenever children dream of dying young, legend has it that Jigglymusk is responsible. Can put you to sleep with long keynote presentations.


POKELON #4: Dogetrio

Ground Type Pokelon
Can De-Evolve (Requires Dumpstone)

This Pokelon never stops talking about digging tunnels. Can be considered very “boring company” and will eventually cover the world in tunnels.


POKELON #5: Pikalon

Electric Type Pokelon

Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

This peculiar electric rat is known to be the secret fuel source of a particular electric car brand. Beloved by all and feared by many.


POKELON #6: Elvee

Normal Type Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Elvee are found in forests and give strange names to their children. They often look confused because they think “the coronavirus panic is dumb.”


POKELON #7: Porytruck

Angular Type Pokelon 
Cannot Evolve

Porytruck is built with bulletproof, resilliant glass and it’s said you can smash its panels with a steel ball and it won’t shatter. At least not completely.


POKELON #8: Snormusk

Sleep Type Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This Pokelon is the richest Pokelon on earth. Since quitting his day job, he’s really let himself go. But he’s a little sensitive about that, so keep it between us. Ok?

Pokelon Region Exclusive


POKELON #9: Genlon

Ghost Type Pokelon
Can De-Evolve (Requires Dump Stone)

This devious and evil ghost Pokelon loves to destroy everything it creates. Fickle and childish. Genlon was one of the factors that caused The Great Depression.


POKELON #10: Chanselon

Normal Type Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Chanselon is a matronly Pokelon that dotes too much on its baby, despite the fact that it’s too old to be considered relevant anymore.


POKELON #11: Kofflon

Poison Type Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

This selfish Pokelon pretends to be an environmentalist in order to crash markets, while his business ventures burn through fossil fuels.

Mr Meme.png

POKELON #12: Mr. Meme

Clown Type Pokelon
Cannot Evolve 

“Hey Fellow Kids!” Mr. Meme is actually pushing 50 years old, but covers it up with a thick layer of clown makeup and outdated memes to distract from his malicious ways.


POKELON #13: Elonkazam

Psychic Type Pokelon
Can De-Evolve (Requires Dump Stone)

This psychic Pokelon can see a future with the world covered in tunnels and electric cars. He’s also pretty okay with maracas, but a painfully awkward dancer.

Elonballs Region Exclusive


POKELON #14: Elon Muk

Filth Type Pokelon
Can De-Evolve (Requires Dump Stone)

Elon Muk is rumored to have been born from the sewer system of a particular rocket building company. He smells of blueberries and manchild.


POKELON #15: Muskey

Ape Type Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Muskey loves to encourage others to ape into whatever investment drew the interest of his short attention span, only to utterly bankrupt them later. Oops!


Pokelon #16: Bulbamusk

Grass Type Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Bulbamusk live among the trees alongside the quaint village of Ganja. The bulbs on their backs can be harvested and sold for as much as $60 for a 1/8th of an ounce in some parts of the world!


Pokelon #17: SpacExeggcute

Egg Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

SpaceExeggcute are eggs that fall to Earth everytime a shitcoin reaches the moon. The ones that crack upon impact are considered a delicacy when served scrambled.


Pokelon #18: Sellsprout

Flower Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

This gangly Pokelon is worshipped as a deity of finance in some parts of the world. It's devout followers live by the questionable teaching “Buy the top, sell the bottom.”


Pokelon #19: Pidgelon

Bird Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Pidgelon scavenge the forest floor looking for seed rounds and IPOs, but are notoriously skittish and tend to dump whatever they’re holding shortly after they find it.



Analyst Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Have you ever read any guides that attempt to explain the concept of impermanent loss, but quickly get carried away with technical terminology and you're just like "Bruh...what even is this" and then you just close the brower? Dyorzee wrote those.



Vulgar Pokelon
Cannot Evolve 

A misunderstood Pokelon that frequently finds itself at the center of scandals. Researchers suspect that the frequent licking is merely a result of its arms being too short to hug. Canceled on social media.



Electric Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Electafud is a clean-energy activist that unfortunately takes things a bit too far. Has crashed the market due to careless, semi-accurate comments on social media and replaces lightbulbs with candles as a hobby.


POKELON #23: Fomonyte

Manipulative Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

This ancient Pokelon keeps the economy alive. It possesses the ability to persuade even the most poverty-stricken Pokelon to invest in degen shitcoins that will be dead in a month with promises of lambos.



Moonboy Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone) [Except Shiny Edition]





Blaze Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Mars Stone)

The second stage evolution of Charmelon. This smoked-out Pokelon has the unmistakeable scent of chicken tenders and can frequently be found in its mother's basement playing Tony Hawk.

EVOLVES FROM: Pokelon #1: Charmelon

Magikrash (2).png


Fish Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Magicrash is a common fish Pokelon that rarely survives two weeks after birth. Because of its short life span and tendency to swim straight down, it is often used as a metaphor in poetry about the state of crypto-currency in 2021.  

Gyaradip copy.png


Based Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This gargantuan Pokelon can pump water and move markets. While Pokelon Researchers consider it to be merely a close relative to Magicrash, urban legend maintains that they are born whenever a Magicrash comes in contact with a certain stone.

Polirekt (2).png


Confused Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Polirekt is notable for its small eyes and large mouth, which gives it a tendency to ask the same questions over and over, despite the answers being directly in front of them. Has a peculiar whine that sounds like the words "Wen launch?"

hitmonchamp (2).png


Punchout Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Thith Pokelon ith probably the strongeth punching Pokelon in exithtence. Unfortunately, they eat a diet of marbles at birth which makes it very difficult to understand what they’re thaying.

Psydapp (3).png


Ducking Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

This Ducking Pokelon has no ducking idea what he's doing. Connect Wallet? Where do I connect wallet? Is this a scam? Okay I think I’m connected. I sent my tokens to the contract. Is that right? Oh god, did I do it wrong? How do I unconnect? I don't know if my internet is connected.


POKELON #31 poortortle

Brokelon Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Mars Stone)

Time has not been kind to Poortortle. Having made some bad investments since his Squirtlelon days, he's trapped in the past and drowns his sorrows in cheap liquor. But perhaps there's a way forward? He searches for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Evolves from Squirtlelon.

Rugmar (2).png


Rugburn Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

In ancient times, Rugmar were feared as demons that cursed otherwise benevolent shitcoin devs and persuaded them to rug their loyal investors. These days, researchers recognize that Rugmar were actually the devs themselves. Can be found running projects like "NanoDoge" and other disasters.



Bullish Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This Pokelon is almost never found around shitcoins. It typically only appears around a full moon and is a true force of nature, stomping all time highs and bringing about prosperity for all investors who manage to catch sight of it. Can be prepared into a delicious burger.



Slowkelon Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Hay guise! Is safemoon presale about to start? I just saw the End Game and it was amazing! Who do you think will be President after Obama? I wonder how Game of Thrones will end! Am I too late for Bitcoin? When is Elonballs gonna launch?



Glowup Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Poortortle. His Poortortle days are a time he "prefers not to talk about." These days, he's too busy rubbing elbows with the Nouveau riche, dining exclusively at Michelin Star restaurants and only dealing with extremely high end prostitutes. Leaves text messages from his "old friends" on read.



Stable Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Pikalon. This Pokelon produces a stable current of electricity that explodes into an electro magnetic pump (EMP) whenever it draws near an aggressor. 



Blazed Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Charmelonelon. This isn't what Elonizard actually looks like, but he has become high enough to believe that he does. Burns anything and everything in its path, in hopes that it can inhale it for a quick fix. Sells pills behind the Elon Mart, but "nothing too hard bro lmao.”



Rekt Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Mars Stone)

Evolves from Sellsprout. Weepandsell has extremely bad luck and extremely weak hands. Its poor life choices has resulted in uncontrollably crying which is sometimes sold in bottles for smart investors to drink.



Manlet Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone)

Muskchop is an aspiring martial artist and athlete that believes that abstaining from masturbation equals "better gains." Regularly skips leg day.



Ghost Pokelon
Can De-evolve (Requires Dump Stone)

This underhanded Pokelon tricks investors with the promise of a return on their investment, only to pull the rug out from under them when they least expect it. Likes to trick shitcoin holders into holding their bags overnight, only to have them wake up in poverty.



Whiney Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Muskey. Whineape goes ballistic whenever he doesn't get his way. Why won't these dice roll under ten? Why don't I win the lottery? How come I don't get free prostitutes and cocaine? Whineape never learns. And that's what makes him dangerous.


POKELON #42: Hipbro

Boomer Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Dyorzee. Hipbro was once captain of the San Dimas High School Football Team and he'll never let you forget it. But time is a cruel mistress and before he knew it, the women stopped calling, the money dried up, the drugs stopped working and he looked more like his father than he'd care to admit. But hey man, he can still party with the best of em.

Kadabra (3).png

POKELON #43: Kadabralon

Guessing Pokelon
Can De-evolve (Requires Dump Stone)

De-evolves from Elonkazam. Kadabralon makes a living pretending to be a finance guru on Twitter. In reality, he's a 17 year old high school dropout and doesn't know how to tie a tie. "Not financial advice" has never been so true.


POKELON #44: Slownope

Slowkelon Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Slowcope. Slllooooowwwwwnoooooooopppeeee iiiiisssssss reeeealllllllllyyyyyy reaaaaaallllllly sllloooowwwww. I hoooooopppeeeeeee yyyyyoooooouuuuuu haavveeeee tiiimmmmeeee becauuusseee thisss miiiiighhhttt takkkkeeee aaaaaaa whiiiiiiillllleee.


POKELON #45: Highvysaur

Danker Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Mars Stone)

Evolves from Bulbamusk. This Highvysaur is extremely high grade and can only be obtained in some regions with a medical card, though it is native to Phish concerts. Offers a pleasant, heady high. Highvysaur also pairs well with Ultimate Frisbee and girls who like hula-hooping.


POKELON #46: Joltelon

Tweaker Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Elvee. Joltelon are more commonly heard than seen, due to their distinct teeth grinding that can be heard from a distance. When confronted in close quarters, however, their erratic, dangerous nature will zap the life out of even the most energetic Pokelon.


POKELON #47: Gasly

Gas Pokelon
Cannot Evolve/De-evolve

Gasly is the silent killer. These are the spirits of investors who have been rekt by Ethereum Gas prices. Their souls linger on in ancient Telegrams and long abandoned Unicrypt lockers. Although they were believed to be decreasing in number lately, recent statistics show they’re back on the rise.


POKELON #48: Dogelith

Doge Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone)

The Patron Saint of Furries and the guardian spirit of all Doge related projects. When a dev abandons a Doge Coin, it is said that the spirit of the community is protected by Dogelith. But this is almost certainly not true, as no one actually gives a shit about most Doge Coins in real life.


POKELON #49: Pinnedsir

Bugging Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Considered to be a rare, but profoundly annoying pest in most bedrooms and Telegram chatrooms. This wildly ignorant bug will repeatedly ask the same questions, often utilizing poorly executed formal expressions as a way to lure in its prey.



Oscarless Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Jupiter Stone)

Former teen heart-throb Cleofairy has turned to method acting. In his latest role, he is incredibly believable as a Pokelon who still loves his job, doesn't have a problem with alcohol, isn't addicted to fast women and wants to continue living. He's an amazing actor. And that's what hurts the most.


POKELON #51: Poonix

Pookelon Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Imagine spending hundreds of hours developing advanced software that can simultaneously calculate and plot the positions of hundreds of thousands of tokens across a blockchain network, wiping your brow and saying “Whew. Alright. Let’s name it after shit, that’d be funny lol.” You just imagined being Poonix.



Topseller Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Evolves from Weepandsell. Welp. He finally did it. Victreesell learned that holding and waiting for the highest high is the only way to actually turn a real profit. Too bad he’ll just turn around and put all his profits in a rug.


POKELON #53: Eloddish

Turnup Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone)

Let me tell you something I’m not drunk the ones who are drunk are the ones who have been running this country into the ground for the last 100 years. You ever see that movie Dazed and Confused? Haha. No officer, I won’t give you my keys.


POKELON #54: Zubot

Robat Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone)

These terribly annoying Pokelon are typically found in the moments before a new coin launch. Their presence is often felt, but rarely seen. In fact, their very existence has lead to paranoia among common investors, believing even the slightest changes in price to be the result of Zubots.


POKELON #55: Dogelett

Babydoge Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Baby Dogelett is from Baby New York City and can’t wait to visit Baby Japan someday with his Baby Friends. Unfortunately, his Baby Stepdad and Baby Stepbrother won’t lend him any Baby Dogeback to afford a Baby Plane Ticket, so he’ll probably just stay at Baby Home and watch Baby TV, baby.


POKELON #56: Doxduo

Bromance Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moonstone)

Doxduo actually evolved from an ancient Pokelon called “Doxsolo”. But these two bros loved each other so much that they fused at the hip and began an infinite romantic journey through crypto currency, time and space. No need for fake names and profile images, these boys are proud of who they are.


POKELON #57: Abralon

Grifter Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Abralon is a low level psychic that is typically found around flea markets and carnivals. For $10 USD, Abralon will tell you everything you want to hear about your future. For $50 USD, Abralon performs “special services”. It’s hard out here for a psychic. 


POKELON #58:Whoresea

Influencer Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone)

This Pokelon is typically found in Telegram chats attempting to sell nudes for tokens. Ordinarily, that would be fine. Pokelon Masters never slut shame. But the dark secret behind all Whoresea is that they’re actually married, middle-aged men who enjoy roleplaying a lightly promiscuous 20 year old woman on the internet for money.


POKELON #59: Holdapp

Ducking Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This ducking Pokelon is the most menacing mallard in Crypto. With ample free time and the programming chops to build it, he creates devious dapps that lure in unsuspecting investors and rob them blind when they connect. 


POKELON #60: Vapepoorelon

Vapor Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Alright, so yeah. Vapepoorelon might be blowing 30 dollars a day on vaping, but he quit smoking, so a win is a win right? Dangerous and vaporous, the Pokelon is prone to random fits of rage when ever he needs a fix.


POKELON #61: Pidgeghetto

Bird Pokelon
Can Evolve (Requires Mars Stone)

Born to a broken home with 50 brothers and sisters, Pidgeghetto climbed up from nothing to where he is today. A little rough around the edges, he vows revenge on the capitalist system that put him where he is today. The glow up begins.


POKELON #62: Grimes

Filth Pokelon
Cannot Evolve  (1E)
Can Evolve (Requires Moon Stone) (2E)

Part Canadian pop singer, part toxic sludge and the very definition of privilege: It’s Grimes! Grimes can actually procreate without a partner, but rumor has it that she chooses to have one to slowly sap its energy and money to feed her offspring. We think it's love!




This Pokelon has not yet been found.

Zapdump (2).png


Legendary Bird Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

In a deeply shocking discovery, this bird which was previously thought to be a myth was discovered around Mt. 1MCAP. Legend has it that one of its feathers can charge a Tesla for 6 years before being drained of energy.

Articulon (3).png


Legendary Bird Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This icy bird was considered to merely be a myth, until a recent sighting. Confuses its prey by warming them up with memes and tweets that pump even the most useless shitcoins, only to turn the cold shoulder on them when they need Articulon the most.

musktwo (2).png

POKELON #150: musktwo

Ultra-Rare Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

Musktwo is an experimental Pokelon developed by Neuralink. He possesses the power to psychically read your internet history and forward it to your boss or romantic partner. Deadly. 



Ancient Pokelon
Cannot Evolve

This Pokelon is believed to be the power source of all living Pokelon. So rare that it was once thought it to be merely a legend, it is said to dwell in its mother's basement nourishing itself on an infinite supply of frozen taquitos and mountain dew.