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Battle Anywhere On Telegram!

Are you ready to battle your collection of Pokelon against other Trainers and earn badges, cash prizes and become the greatest Pokelon Trainer who ever lived?

Introducing Pokelon League: The first ever RPG blockchain battler on Telegram. 

Simply add the bot to any group, join a game, connect your wallet and you're ready to do battle!

Learn how to play, earn gym badges, enter tournaments and more below.

Current Version: 1.1 ( OPEN BETA)
This version may contain bugs on certain movesets, Pokelon or evolutions. Please check version history below.

11/09/21: Version: 1.1 (OPEN BETA)

  • Addressed bugs affecting end game issues that freeze gameplay.

  • Added win condition text

  • Fixed bug where 2nd player starts with 2 energy points

  • Fixed issue where choosing 2 of the same Pokelon crashes game

  • Fixed confusion/poison related bugsF

    Known Bugs: Evolutions, further confusion refinement, better attack visibility, coin flips, passive attacks and more. All will be resolved in patches this week.


How to play

Before beginning, you'll need to own Pokelon on Opensea. Not sure how to do that? Head over to the farm and stake your tokens, then convert them over at the Elonmart!

Note: The game is currently in Open Beta, so you do not yet need to own Pokelon to play. Simply head over to the Doge Gym to try it out!

If you want to battle in a private chat, just add @PokelonLeagueBot to the Telegram chat of your choice. You will need to be an owner or admin of the group to add a bot. Next, follow these steps:

1. Type /new
2. Type /join

3. Another player must also type /join

4. When both players have joined, type /start

5. You'll be prompted for your wallet address. This is the same wallet address on your Opensea that holds your Pokelon.
6. Once your opponent has also added a wallet, type /start
7. Choose your Pokelon and battle!



If you've played an RPG, Pokelon League won't be hard to pick up! But there's way more strategy than you'd think!

Check out this guide that breaks down the rules you'll need to know before you battle!



We've created 6 Arenas for each of the six badges you can earn as a Pokelon Trainer. Arenas are simply public Telegram chats for battling. While you can import the bot anywhere you want, you may find new players to battle against lurking in these gyms!

But what about the badges?

Starting soon, we will be holding weekly tournaments. After the 4th tournament, we will hold a final where the winners of the 4 tournaments battle against each other. 

Tournaments will be held in brackets, in the different arenas. You'll be assigned a battle at a specific gym during the tournament and if you win it, you win that gym's badge! Each badge is a fully animated NFT. Earn all 6 and you may just earn an extremely rare Pokelon!

For right now, only the Doge Gym is open. Stop on by and try out Pokelon League!